Monday, May 25, 2009

She Is Free

She is free. She walks this last mile of her journey to herself. Away from others who would live her life – take her life. Fear and sadness threaten to overcome her – to corner her back to cower in the sight of herself. Out of the depths of her wounded heart comes a clear voice – sure – growing strong in its gentleness – growing louder in its quietness. It is the voice of her Lord – He is there. She has called out to Him in her confusion out of the despair of her soul. He speaks and she hears Him. He has waited patiently and by His power has lifted up her downcast eyes. She sees clearly now – she sought Him in the eyes of another but she finds him in the reflection of her own eyes. She will seek Him in her heart through her eyes. She will know Him and will walk with Him. Others will see her – their breath will be caught in the skipped beat of their hearts. Some will fear for they know not her Lord or the power of his might – she will smile and walk by. Others will rejoice for in their hearts the Lord meets – she smiles and stops for a true friend is found there.

Monday, May 18, 2009

ranting vent ... spam

re spam: too bad it's automatic - there was some solace in thinking that while i am in sweet slumber dreaming of gentle waters and warm sunny breezy days with pink lemonade writing witty and profound text - they, greasy slouthful slow-bellied creatans, were pounding away blood-shot-bleary-eyed under intense florescent lights into the wee hours of the morning kept awake by eating stale pizza, soda, doughnuts and coffee and their efforts measured by the dull thud of their numb swollen digits as they descend on ever an ever shrinking keyboard ... i'm ok now - the pen has done it's work - to my dreams i go - will now bring them into today and give them life :) :) :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

dreams in the night - continued

awareness through the veil
of the night seasons in change
life as it should be free from
daylights heavy slumber by trivial matters