Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gold Stars

There are no gold stars
for gold requires the light of the sun to glitter
the glitter is but the reflection of the gifts of the sun
dancing before our eyes
inviting our hearts to dance with it

If stars were gold
our gaze would not be drawn to the heavens
in the darkest times of our nights
our eyes would remain closed
the darkness of our hearts would deepen

Stars are light
they bring life and show the way
we create
we live
in the love we share

All that glitters is not gold

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Search And Hold The Deep

Search And Hold The Deep

Hands bound   in blindness   holding the deep
Straining and weeping       with and against
Invisible darkness   hiding the light
Gnarled in knots     the heart draws back

Straining   and weeping with    and against
Wind twisting      and whipping      bleaching the dream
Gnarled     in knots    the heart draws     back
Pink Slippers in unison     refuse to be still

Wind    twisting and whipping   bleaching      the dream
Wanting     is left as each brittle   hope       cracks
Pink    Slippers in unison refuse to be      still
The tempest above     parts the curtain        of peace

Wanting   is left     as each    brittle       hope    cracks
Submission is      fought      as each arrow strikes      fast
The tempest   above   parts  the     curtain of peace
Standing      light’s stillness     as  mourner’s embrace

Submission is fought    as    each   arrow         strikes fast
The fetters will melt   the hands           still holding the deep 
Standing   light’s stillness       as     mourner’s     embrace
Gentleness surrounds      Arrows fall    miss their mark

The fetters will melt          the hands still holding the deep 
Breathless caress searches      in the altar      of light
Standing     light’s stillness in      mourner’s embrace
Mirror is shattered    by long echoes   love quietly      waits

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my memories and me cry out

the years slipped by
life's little memories one at a time
i am full of lived moments
folding and reboxing them up
to make room for today's life

a memory slips out of my heart
my hands catch it and it holds me close
it winds it's way through my life
i welcome it taking a place in today
to join together keeping me whole

life's minutes must find a place
snug between the one before
and the one that followed
each second finds it's place
as a life lived from one to the next

the past is near wanting to live
the future looms unformed in view
today struggles to find it's breath
to live new memories
more to crowd the bursting seams

some say i am old, rest now and sleep
yes, even this old body betrays
the days it has seen now wearied
but my heart and mind are not so
they are not full they are not done

my memories and me cry out
more days more life more love
be gone you who would bid me be still
why would I refuse to live when
i am still here with much to give

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a beginning an end a beginning

where is the story in the beginning?
                              in the ending that came before?
where is the               the ending so we can find the beginning?
           is the story                                        before
                                                                           the beginning?
where    the story   in the beginning is to be found
              the story
                              in the beginning
                              in the ending
                                                   that came before
where   the story                               is to be found
                                                         we can find the beginning
where                          the ending     is                the beginning

                                                     so we    find
              the story

          is the story in the beginning?
          is the story in the ending that came before?

where is the story                                   to be found?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

whose stubborn ears??

hehehe - I remember arguing with Dad about a lot of things we (or I) wanted to do and he thought either "not helpful or a waste of time" - that we had not much else to do fell on stubborn ears ... did I say stubborn??? this feels a lot like looking into a mirror ... doph!!

those we meet

We know our hearts and see God's hands in the eyes of those we meet in our now - not time past or time yet given ...