Sunday, January 29, 2012

MJWJ: 01/26/2012

Life Poem - In Process (MJWJ: 01/26/2012)

Life fell off the table ... I felt it too late
Reaching for it ... I slipped and fell

I did not notice the edge of the table as life got out of balance
The kids were growing out into families of their own - one at a time

There were 4 - Then there were none
The doubt, confusion and pain of the years blew life off into the wide open

With one hand holding firm to the table's edge
Digits fumbling round for a more sure grip

The other hand holding life in hope
My heart seeking for grace to help in this need

Prayer is the tool to bless
Love is the power to heal

I do, I ask, each day and patiently wait ...

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